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Depression can be reduced through natural remedies:

  • 1a)Depression is caused by a brain serotonin deficit (1),
  • 1b)Brain serotonin is synthetised by only tryptophan, an essential amino-acid that originates from diet only
  • 1c)Gut’s inability to absorb appropriate amounts of tryptophan reduces serotonin brain availability
  • 1d)Alpha lactalbumin is the serum protein nature has prepared for us (2).
  • 1e)Alpha lactalbumin increases serotonin (3)

What are the reasons?

  • 1a)Our modern life-style as well as our disordered eating makes it often difficult to assimilate indispensable substances (4) for a well working of the whole body, from bowel to brain.
  • 1b)A ‘sad’ gut (5) cannot properly absorb the substances that are provided by diet only. Gut contains plenty of bacteria (6) performing various tasks. Then bacteria become an uncontrolled army if they do not work properly. If these soldiers ‘get crazy’ and fight at random, they can produce symptoms that could be quite different for the same reason.
  • 1c)This common reason leads to different symptoms on the basis of patient’s specific vulnerabilities (7).
  • 1d)Depression is one of these symptoms: alpha lactalbumin (8) can fight against the cause of depression that depends on serotonin deficit.
  • 1e)Let’s try to solve the cause right from the start: a single approach is helpful to treat different pathologies at the origin, “Integrating our diet” instead of pursuing every single symptom.
  • For example:
  • 1i)By treating depression, sugar intolerance has disappeared: “the patient eats chocolate, he is happy and thoughtless”
  • 1ii)By curing epilepsy, pollen allergy has disappeared.

Scientific insights

[1] Bibliographic reference awaiting review

[2] This is the most abundant protein in breast milk

[3] Since serotonin cannot be measured in human brain, results have been achieved on animals

[4] In the reference case, tryptophan, serotonin precursor, is an amino-acid that can be assimilated through food only. Our body is not able to synthetise it.

[5] In our case tryptophan can be absorbed provided it is available in the gut together with the appropriate conditions for its absorption.

[6] The gut contains 100 trillion bacteria, 10 times the number of cells throughout the human body.

[7] This means that consequences might be either special symptoms or real pathologies. This depends on both the subject’s psycho-physical conditions and on his/her greater or lesser genetic predisposition.

[8] alpha lactalbumin is the serum protein that nature has prepared for us: it is mostly present in breast milk and it features the greater availability of tryptophan, serotonin precursor